Oct 292013
Published October 29, 2013

AKFIN Answers metadata reports are now available on the AKFIN dashboard (“Database Sources for Report Tables/Columns”). These reports provide Answers and R users the ability to see how the repository subject areas and column names correspond to the actual database tables and column names. In addition these reports provide column descriptions and logic.

Oct 172013
Published October 17, 2013

To AKFIN Answers users: If you are a Google Chrome user and are having trouble accessing data in AKFIN Answers, please follow the below steps to clear your browsing data:

1. Click the Menu button in the browser bar, and click Settings

2. Click Show Advanced Settings

3. Click Clear browsing data

4. Mark/check all selections and click Clear browsing data

5. Once complete, close all Chrome browsers on your local machine.  Wait a few seconds and reopen Chrome.

Sep 242013
Published September 24, 2013

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) and AKFIN collaborated to profile 16 different Alaska federal commercial fishing fleets. The results of this project were published by NPFMC in 2011.  Using the established fleet parameters AKFIN has completed an annual addendum detailing the status of the fleets.  Please see the link below for the 2012 addendum.


Jun 072013
Published June 7, 2013

It has always been a challenge communicating the skills needed when hiring an AKFIN analyst.  Find a person with a background in computer programming, data analysis, business, and science — and there you have it.  This clip from Yahoo Finance describes the qualities and challenges of finding such an individual.  Not sure about it being the sexiest job, but the other points they make are good.

Check it out!


Apr 172013
Published April 17, 2013

The AKFIN Answers tool has been upgraded to, a version that fixes the previous problems experienced when exporting datasets to MS Excel.  Prior to this upgrade, some cells values were suppressed in the MS Excel export; this did not affect comma-delimited or fixed-width file exports.  If you encounter issues with this new version of AKFIN Answers, please contact Bob Ryznar at rryznar@psmfc.org.

Apr 042013
Published April 4, 2013

AKFIN in conjunction with PSMFC has recently increased its support of the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council Staff by providing GIS Support.  Historically Council Staff sought ad hoc support or had its own staff member assigned to GIS.  The current in-house data support AKFIN provides and the proficient GIS resources available through Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission provided a straight forward path to GIS support.  For the February NPFMC meeting AKFIN-PSMFC provided several hundred maps including streaming monthly Prohibited Species Catch maps for the discussion paper on Bristol Bay red king crab.