Global Trade Atlas: Providing Insights to the World’s Fisheries Imports and Exports

By Camille Kohler

AKFIN recently rolled out a new APEX report that provides authenticated users with access to the Global Trade Atlas (GTA) data.  The new source provides analysts with access to detailed import and export information for fisheries commodities around the world. 

From pollock to salmon to crab, Alaska’s seafood has a global reach. A new report on AKFIN’s APEX Reports Dashboard provides users with insights on how these products flow through global markets.  The new AKFIN Apex Reports Dashboard provides authenticated users with access to the Global Trade Atlas (GTA) data as compiled by IHS Markit.  This source, populated by a one-time subscription to the IHS Markit Application Programming Interface (API), was acquired by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC) to provide analysts with insights to the world’s trade data on fisheries commodities.  Quantity and value information is available at the lowest harmonized system (HS) or product code value for 1990 through September 2019 and reports on two HS chapters: 

  • 03 – Fish and Crustaceans, Mollusks and Other Aquatic Invertebrates, and  
  • 16 – Edible Preparations of Meat, Fish, Crustaceans, Mollusks or Other Aquatic Invertebrates 

With the new ESS506 – GTA Trade Data report, users can download an entire catalog by year through the Large Data Export feature or filter their results by: 

  • Trade direction 
  • Reporter 
  • Partner 
  • Chapter 
  • Heading 
  • Sub-heading 
  • Product ID 

AFSC economists are analyzing the data and coordinating with NMFS HQ to build a translation table for adding a species or species group.  This, along with other value-added fields, will make the source easier to use and facilitate consolidated reporting with other AKFIN fisheries data.

A similar report is in development in the PacFIN APEX system, with hopes for rolling out by the end of the year.  For more information about the ESS506 – GTA Trade Data report, or to gain access to the PSMFC APEX systems, contact AKFIN or PacFIN staff.