Jan 102020
Published January 10, 2020

AKFIN’s Answers reporting tool has been upgraded to the latest version. Please inform AKFIN staff if you encounter any errors or have questions.

Jun 272019
Published June 27, 2019

The database maintenance was completed overnight. Please contact staff if you have any questions or experience any issues.


AKFIN, PacFIN and RecFIN staff

Jun 262019
Published June 26, 2019  Tagged with:

The AKFIN, PacFIN and RecFIN databases will be unavailable from 10 pm until 11 pm on 06/26/2019 for system maintenance.

Nov 292018
Published November 29, 2018

Server maintenance has been completed. Please contact staff if you have any questions or issues.


AKFIN, PacFIN and RecFIN staff

Nov 282018
Published November 28, 2018

The AKFIN, PacFIN and RecFIN databases will be taken offline around 7:00 AM PST on 11/29/2018 to perform server maintenance. We expect the system will be back up around 9:00 AM PST, but in the event of complications, the databases may not be up until noon.

Jul 062018
Published July 6, 2018

The AKFIN Advisory Committee met on May 31, 2018 in Juneau, AK hosted by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center.  This committee is a collaboration of state and federal agency members who work with AKFIN and help to guide development priorities and share data collection, processing, and reporting initiatives.  The meeting is an excellent opportunity for AKFIN and the fisheries agencies to share their progress and discuss upcoming work.

The data projects presented were:

  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game
    • eTablet Data Collection
    • GIS and Mapping Services
    • Historical Commercial Operator’s Annual Report (COAR) Data
    • New Grant-funded Projects
    • Age Lab Overview
  • NOAA Fisheries – Alaska Regional Office
    • Catch Accounting System (CAS) Discard Changes
    • CAS Electronic Monitoring Additions
    • CAS Data Model Changes
  • NOAA Fisheries Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC)
    • Pacific States E-Journal of Scientific Visualizations (PSESV)
    • NOAA Office of Law Enforcement Application
    • AFSC Stock Assessment Support and AKFIN Answers
    • Application Express (APEX) Reporting and Data Management Initiatives
    • Communities Work Group
    • Data Issue Tracking in JIRA
    • North Pacific Fisheries Management Council Support

For a more detailed overview of the projects and work shared at the meeting, check out our AKFIN Advisory Committee Notes.