Public Access to Economic SAFE Data Through AKFIN Apex Reports


Jean Lee

Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation (SAFE) reports are published annually to summarize the best available scientific information about the stocks, marine ecosystems, and fisheries under Federal management. Within SAFE reports, the Economic Status Report, or “Economic SAFE”, component provides information on social and economic factors for consideration by fishery management Councils in setting total allowable catch (TAC) limits and determining other management strategies. 

Since 2012 AKFIN has provided data management and database programming services to the Alaska Fisheries Science Center Economic and Social Science Research Program to support the production of the Economic SAFEs for Alaska groundfish fisheries and Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands crab fisheries. Now, users of these reports can access many of the statistics published therein through the AKFIN Apex Reports tool. Interactive reports allow users to filter for data of interest to view online and download as text files or Excel workbooks. APEX crab reports1 additionally include dashboards with interactive plots of selected metrics on harvesting and processing sector participation and output; harvesting and processing sector employment; and harvest quota leasing activity.

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1 To see groundfish data visualized, check out the Pacific States E-Journal of Scientific Visualizations, which was highlighted in our inaugural FIN newsletter.